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An economical alternative to multi-wall kraft paper bags, BOPP laminated PP Woven bags features high quality graphics and is ideally suited to the consumer retail market. It is perfectly suited for the packing of pet food, wild bird seed, animal feeds, minerals, salt, and chemicals.

BOPP is a bi-axially oriented polypropylene film designed for flexible packaging, packaging, label & Print finishing applications. OPP, oriented polypropylene, is a flexible material derived from melting and orienting a polymer called polypropylene.

The main feature of BOPP films are improved stiffness, high tensile strength, excellent optics and good water barrier properties. They range from 15 to 50 microns.

PP Woven Fabric Specifications

Width : Circular From 38 cm to 127 cm (15″ to 47″)
Length : As per your requirement.
Fabric’s Mesh : 9×9 to 12×12.
Fabric’s Denier : 700 Denier to 1200 Denier and above
Lamination : 15 GSM to 40 GSM
Strength : We can match your strength in best possible way.
Elongation : As per customer’s requirement.
Cutting : Available in “Heat cutting, Cold cutting, Easy open & “Zig Zag cutting.
Stitching : Single or Double fold With Single or Double Thread, We take care of the stitch counts & Bottom seam strength as you require
Packaging : Bale press packing, Palletized packing& Carton packing available as per your requirements.

Specifications of BOPP Film & Printing Machine

Printing Machine’s Size : 1200 mm x 1200 mm
Printing Width : 25 cm to 120 cm (10″ to 47″)
Printing Length : 35 cm to 120 cm (12″ to 47″)
No. Of Colours : Up to 8 Colours
Microns Available : 10, 12, 15, 18, 21 and above as per requirement
Bopp Film : we have various standards in BOPP like Met Bopp , Glossy Bopp with High COF to get a proper grip while stacking

Details of Engraved Cylinder

we use engraved cylinders for printing BOPP Bags. These cylinders play a significant role in making the bags beautiful and attractive.

Cylinders are engraved through two major processes:

  • Chemical Engraving
  • Electronic Engraving

For a very sharp printing quality electronic engraving is preferable hence this is costlier as compared to chemical engraving. According to design we suggest the customers that which engraving should be preferred for Cylinders. We outsource the cylinders from the top companies and we do have tie ups with them.

Note: The Cylinder expenses will be borne by the Customer as it remains the customer’sasset always.


Flat fabric tubing / Back seam bag Yes
Top heat cut Yes
Top zig zag cut Yes
Easy Open Yes
Bottom – single / double fold Yes
Bottom – single / double stitch Yes
Gusset with coating in centre Yes
Gusset with coating in sides Yes
BOPP bag with Liner Yes
BOPP bag with Window Yes
BOPP bag with Perforations Yes


Top with Valve No
Block Bottom No

Automatic PP Woven Fabric Tubing Machine

Automatic PP Woven Fabric Tubing Machine 2(1)