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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

“To Produce a world class packaging product competitively for the global market with synegized efforts of all the resources toward matching customer expectations within a specific time-frame with highest level of quality consistency and hygience.”



Quality Assurance


The most significant attribute of our FIBCs is that every bag through its unique code number can be traced back right up to the order number as well as production date, set workers who made the bag and detailed properties of fabric and all other components that was used, going back to the batch of raw material which was used for the extrusion. This system helps to find out root cause of the problem and taking corrective action to avoid repetitive mistakes.


We are equipped with all the equipments for all the tests as per ISO 21898 standards.

We rigorously examine each and every component at every stage of production from tape to final bag. Tensile testing machine for test of strength and elongation of tape, fabric, webbing and sewing yarn. Every batch of fabric and the yarn produced undergoes a UV Resistance test in QUV accelerated weathering tester. QUV tester reproduces the damage caused by sun light, rain and dew by exposing material to alternating cycles of light and moisture at a controlled elevated temperature. QUV Resistance test conforms to EN1898 and ASTMG154. First bag and randomly selected bags from daily lot is Load tested in Rig Test machine. The bag get tested for 5 or 6 or 8 times of it SWL by going through Cyclic Top Lift Test + Load to Failure. This is the most important test to ensure that bag can be safely used and gives confidence to buyer/user.

Assesment / Inspection

Inspection and assessment are an integral part of Comsyn’s quality assurance system.Our inspection program has 2 stages – Online Inspection and Final Inspection.The online inspection at work floor / assembling room is designed to identify and eliminate possible deviations at the time and point where they occur. The experienced quality supervisors have an eagle view on each minute nuisance of finishing. They have authority to stop production and report the matter to QA-Head who in turn have direct access to Director for immediate actions. In Final Inspection randomly selected finished bag of each bale/pallet are meticulously inspected by third party inspector in comparison with customer specification sheet. If there is any fault then whole bale is checked. With inspection assessment is also necessary for future course of action. the recordings of inspections are punched in system to create a data base. This data is then put to statistical analysis to measure long term trends which are periodically analyzed to focus efforts at product improvement. All areas of operations where deviations are likely to occur are identified. If results are outside the acceptable range, it triggers off a standard procedure to eliminate the deviation and segregate such production for a more careful inspection.


A highly trained and motivated worker can produce bags of best quality. Motivated staff works to higher standards of quality because they care about what they are doing. They learn faster and have more ideas. They are less likely to cause accidents, make mistakes or get involved in conflict. Comsyn invests in training programs that upgrades the skills of existing workers for new technologies and production processes, improves employee productivity, and increases industry employment stability.

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