Mulch Film

Product Details:  
Pack Type In Rolls
Material Low Density Polyethylene
Colour Customization available
Microns 20 to 200 Microns
Length Customise
Width Customise
UV- Stabilized Yes

Mulching is a technique of adding a layer to the surface of the soil around the plant with plastic film to conserve the soil moisture that suppress weeds growth, regulate soil temperature and prevent water loss through evaporation.

Mulching Film is made of High Strength LLDPE and LDPE Material. Presently different Colour Plastic Film used as Mulches such as black-black, Silver – Black, Red -black, Yellow – Black & White –black.

Mulch Film Features:
  • Bi- coloured mulching films reduce soil compaction.
  • Mulch Film is reflective non- embossed & embossed for extra strength.
  • Reduce escape of air.
  • UV- Stabilized.
  • Reduce Fertilizer leaching.
  • Fumigation keeps soil intact.
  • Can be given in Single or Double colour.
Mulch Film Advantages:
  • Increase moisture and heat retention in the soil
  • Modifies soil temperature
  • Enhance soil structure by preventing soil crusting and soil compaction.
  • Minimization of weed growth
  • Enhance quality of produce with clean crops
  • Prevents soil erosion by wind and rain.