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Comsyn is a leading FIBC bags manufacturer offering cost effective container solutions in form of FIBC bulk bags. Used for bulk packaging, these intermediate bulk containers can reduce your freight costs, warehousing costs and your handling costs with flexible packaging options. Have a look at some of the major advantages of these FIBC bulk bags.


FIBC Design


Filling and Discharge Options


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  • Each FIBC bulk bag can carry up to 1000 times its own weight.
  • Each FIBC bag has integral lifting loops, eliminating the need for pallets.
  • The woven polypropylene properties (PP) of FIBCs allow for the printing of product information to easily identify the product being transported.
  • These bulk bags allow efficient use of space.
  • FIBC bulk bags are simple to use.
  • Polypropylene bulk bags are Cost effective.
  • These containers are very strong yet flexible.
  • Buy Bulk Bags as they offer a low unit cost.
  • FIBC bulk containers are supplied in a variety of dimensions.
  • Variety of filling, discharging and lifting facilities.
  • These bags can be used for hazardous chemicals as specified in the UN Chapter 6.5 Recommendations.
  • Do not require further packaging.
  • Is designed to be lifted from the top by means of integral, permanently attached devices (lift loops or straps).