UN approved Tarpaulin 4 X 6 M

Description :-

Material Woven high-density polyethylene (HDPE) black fibres fabric laminated on both sides with low density polyethylene (LDPE) coating.
Reinforced with 6 bands of 7.5cm width made of woven black HDPE fibres fabric and coated outside. Position of bands as per drawing attached.

  • Tensile strength

    Minimum 50DaN and 15% to 25% elongation in warp and weft outside of the reinforcement bands under ISO 1421. Minimum 70DaN inside the reinforcement bands as per ISO 1421 plus the additional procedure.

  • Tear strength

    Minimum 10DaN under ISO 4674 (A2) outside of the reinforcement bands.

  • Welding

    Only one welding allowed, in the middle of the sheet, length wise. Minimum resistance is 80% of the original tarpaulin tensile strength in weft under ISO 1421 plus additional procedure.

  • UV resistance

    Maximum 5% loss on original tarpaulin tensile strength under ISO 1421 after 1500 hours UV under ASTM G53/94 (UVB 313 nm peak), to be tested outside and inside the reinforcement bands.

  • Width :

    4 m standard size ± 1% net width

  • Length:

    Sheet of 6 meter, or rolls of 60 meters

  • Weight :

    190g/m² ± 20g, plus 10% for the reinforcement bands under ISO 3801.

  • Temperature resistance:

    from -20 to 80 C.

  • Features:

    Water, rot, soil and fauna resistant. Long outdoor use life in all climates.

  • Flammability:

    Flash point above 200C.

  • Colour:

    White sun reflective both sides, grey bands. Inner black fibres to ensure opacity.

  • Printing:

    on each piece, Customer logo on request.