HDPE Vermibed

We are offering Vermi Beds.Vermi Bed produced by us are 100% heat sealed and are tested at every single stage of production as per IS- 15907: 2010. All the Bed are fitted with Six Polyethylene Net Windows (3 each on both sides of length) and One Netted Outlet at the bottom of the bed. Minimum 6mm dia rope is provided in the hemming. We offer Vermi Bed of standard size 12’ x 4’ x 2’, it can also be offered as per your requirement.

  • HDPE Vermibed is a Readymade Structural Unit.
  • Fabricated Size: 3600 mm x 1200 mm x 600mm approx. (12’ x 4’ x 2’.)
  • Made from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Woven fabric.
  • Laminated with LDPE (UV Stabilized).
  • Heat-Sealed Joints.
  • Ventilation Net Windows.
  • Easy to install.
What is Vermiculture/ Vermicomposting?
  • Vermiculture/ Vermicomposting through Earthworm is an economic and easy to use technology to convert all bio-degradable waste into premium quality organic manure. All types of bio-degradable materials like urban solid waste/ rural solid wastes/ food processing industries’ wastes can be used to produce organic manure by adopting Vermiculture/ Vermicomposting process.
  • It is the most Eco-friendly solution to reduce the global warming by reduction of use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Sustainable use of self-produced organic manure helps improvement of soil structure, texture, porosity,water holding capacity, prevents soil erosionand induce overall fertility of the soil.
  • Vermi- Wash i.e. the liquid generated due to vermicomposting is a very effective and organic pesticide.